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plateau Aromatherapy Candle

Create a personal retreat in the haven of your home. Set the spa mood anywhere, anytime with the soft illuminating light from this truly aromatic candle made from pure soy wax and essential oils. The plateau candle will burn for up to 80 hours, however, we recommend burning it in 2 hour increments. Keep the wick trimmed and never burn unattended. 3" x 6"  $32.00


102208002bplateau Aromatherapy Candle Paint Can

Same great scent as the pillar candle above $14

plateau Body Scent
102208bUniquely formulated as a calming and uplifting scent, plateau is now available in a one  ounce bottle. Use this rejuvenating spray to scent yourself throughout the day; use it to freshen up your space anytime anywhere. The design of the clear glass bottle is distinctively Carapan and conveniently handy. 1 oz. $16.00


plateau Aromatherapy Spray for Auto and Home 


Formulated as a dual-purpose spray, the calming and uplifting aromatherapy scent of plateau is now available for use to brighten your day while driving. plateau can brighten your day and calm your nerves even when plodding thru traffic. 1 oz. $16.00


plateau Conditioner
plateau_conditionerThis rich conditioning complex adds shine and luster to dull, dry hair, restoring moisture and vital nutrients. This formulation can either be used as a daily conditioner after shampooing or as an intensive treatment by wrapping hair in warm, wet towel and leaving on for 15 minutes. The plateau signature essential oil blend is combined with wheat protein, wheat germ oil, ivy extract, birchleaf and silk for optimum moisturizing benefits. 4 oz or 8 oz. $10/20



plateau Shampoo
plateau_shampooThis rich botanical shampoo gently cleanses hair, adding shine and body. The formulation of high-grade pure essential oils and herbal extracts are suitable for all hair types and can be used daily. Vitamins, sea extracts, birchleaf, wheat bran and rosemary strengthen hair as well as improve scalp health. 4 oz or 8 oz. $10/20




plateau Body & Massage Oil


Used to condition, soften and rejuvenate the skin, this unique oil contains natural antioxidants, vitamins, jojoba oil and essential oils to strengthen and protect. Smooth on a small amount before your bath for super absorption, add a few drops to a warm bath for fragrant moisturizing, or apply after a shower or bath to seal in moisture. Multifunctional, this oil is also wonderful for at-home massage treatments. 4 oz. $26




plateau Body Cleansing Gel


Turn bathing into a sensory experience with this intoxicating gel that can be used in the shower with a sponge or cleansing pad, or in the bath tub for a rich, invigorating soak. The signature essential oils are blended with Vitamin C, Aloe-Vera, comfrey and orange flower for the ultimate in cleansing. 
8 oz.



plateau Body Lotion


Formulated with aloe vera gel, glycerin, hazelnut oil and Vitamin E, this botanically rich lotion leaves skin smooth and buttery. Pure essential oils saturate the luxurious balm with scent while helping to restore the skin's natural moisture balance.  8 oz. $28




plateau Body and Facial Hydrating Mist
plateau005aThis deeply hydrating mist refreshes and restores your face, body and mind. Intense moisturizing benefits are the result of an herbal infusion of fennel, hamamelis, nettle wort, algae, marigold and chamomile extracts. Wonderful for both at home facials used topically and for inhalation to receive instant aromatherapy benefits. 4 oz. $22.00



plateau Mineral Bath Salts
plateau004aSoothing waters are created with the plateau balanced scent of fir balsam, lavender, bergamot, cedar, patchouli and vanilla that merges calming benefits with uplifting effects to help preserve harmony and well being. The Dead Sea and Brittany Sea crystals go beyond just cleansing to relax muscles, detoxify and nourish the skin and restore the senses. This glass jar will look beautiful in any bathroom with its dramatic black lid and dark moss green ribbon.15 oz. jar $20.00


plateau Body Soap

This luxurious triple-milled soap is enriched with moisturizing botanicals and aromatic essential oils. It gently cleanses and conditions the skin without dryness or irritation. The soap is a pure vegetable base of glycerin and almond oil blended together with the signature plateau essential oils. $8.00


plateau Essence

A pure essential oil that can be used as a body fragrance, applied on pulse points. This heavily concentrated formula should be used sparingly and can be applied to the temples and to the back of the neck or wrists. This essence can also be used to add a hint of fragrance into the air by mixing a few drops with water in a room diffuser. 1 oz. bottle. $32.00



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