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Voltex style wing uk ulele, to the music playing in background. On their site you can find an extended version of the video, where you can find some images and a picture of the guitar. In the video, which is only around 50 seconds long - but it's worth watching it. The video has some great images of the guitar as well, including a picture of the finished product. The American Civil Liberties Union today filed a lawsuit on behalf of pregnant teenager who was strip-searched by police. As we reported yesterday, 19-year-old Chyna Gibson was taken into an interrogation room at a gas station in the Houston suburb of Katy after officers discovered she was pregnant. Police then performed the strip search and then charged Gibson with public intoxication. She was also arrested for resisting arrest and booked into jail. The ACLU's lawsuit claims that strip search amounted to unlawful punishment. According to the ACLU, "Chyna Gibson never posed a threat to the officers or other people. She posed no physical threat to anyone or herself. All of the medical evidence from hospital revealed a viable pregnancy and had to be obtained in order legally support the charges of public intoxication in the first place." The lawsuit also claims that officers violated Gibson's constitutional rights by denying her access to the abortion pill. "There was no public emergency that compelled officers to drag Chyna out of her vehicle and into a room with male officer and a female officer," the lawsuit says. "She had been walking to the store and was simply trying to catch a quick bite eat. She would have been more than welcome to purchase either a meal for her, an ice-cream cone, or whatever else she wanted, and there was no reason for a female officer to make such an issue, not to mention the fact that officer making arrest knew the police only had power to arrest females for public intoxication." But Gibson's nightmare didn't end there, because even if she had been found to be pregnant, she would have been required to give birth in prison. "The only justification that would justify denying her access to any form of birth control, including emergency contraception, is because she a pregnant person and has not consented to have her baby taken away from in the first place," lawsuit argues. "As soon as [the officers] knew about her pending pregnancy, they did not have a lawful justification for cetco voltex ireland strip-searches and jailing her. To be clear, strip search is not a form of arrest. It is illegal, and a violation of [Chyna's] constitutional rights, to strip search an individual because of their being suspected voltex online catalogue a crime. This happened even though Chyna was not suspected of any crime." And if that's not enough, Gibson's lawsuit claims that because she was allegedly "uncooperative and physically aggressive" during her arrest, she also violated rights in her cell. "She spent the next few days handcuffed in the fetal position, her arms cuffed behind her, and naked in her tiny cell until she began bleeding out of her nose," the lawsuit states. "Despite this, and despite the fact that she was a pregnant girl, the officers ignored this Voltex 50 Pills 100mg $215 - $4.3 Per pill egregious violation. Instead they forced them to take Chyna the hospital, where they performed an abortion procedure on her in defiance of Texas law." The ACLU says that by charging Chyna with public intoxication, Harris County prosecutors and the officers involved were trying to criminal.

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