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User comments:

"Plateau candles not only light the room but have the most pleasing scent of any candle I have tried".

"The candle is a little pricey but worth every cent. The fragrance is amazing and they really last".

"I just loved the essence. I don't know how many compliments I've received on "My new scent".

"The Body and room spray is by far the most pleasant fragrance Ihave tried".

"Where have you been. I haven't been able to purchase Plateau since the Spa was closed in Manhattan".

"Plateau is the best kept secret in the fragrance world".

Plateau has been the subject of rave reviews and garnered national media attention.




"Scent-sational." and adds:

"This balm is the bomb!"About Carapan's Plateau Body Lotion, formulated with hazelnut oil, vitamin E andaloe-vera gel.

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